Sunday, December 5, 2010

Natrah Tragedy

This is all about the theater of Natrah ,I feel like I want to know more about her.So I GOOGLEfor a Wikipedia and trying overview on the you tube about the history.

And what i get??
this the love story when,her sister are made for a fake letter (its like from Natrah) and send to Mansur Adabi which is her husband and say that Natrah are not love him anymore.And according that Mansur Adabi decide to married other women and the same time the news are read by Natrah she very dissapoited.

I feel like I'm gonna to cry .I can feel how suffer is her for being in a life. When I read I feel that How that we separate life with a mum that growth us with a full of love and care.How about the religious ? From the story i read that she are force to converted from muslim to a christian it self because she was under age and parents are deciding for her.

Natrah pray when she was under a good care of Siti Aminah her foster mother

She hug Siti Aminah,she won't lost her

WTF!! to follow in legal make her suffer.I don't think that the law are convince to use .I can feel it its better them kill her on the age because she was like very sick inside according to the precious time she felt.I can see how she miss her mum and her teenage life. Natrah is a lagend women who suffering and who the one that so tough to face the world .Nobody know how sick and suffer she were.But we never know she died as a Islam or Christian ?
God if she was the one of your mankind as a Lord please place her in between a people that you needed and you love.I pray here.

Now you can see how soft spoken is she,and how manner the way she talk.She still call her name Natrah event the things are happen for a very 50th years ago, hear how she speaks its sound Malay :(

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  1. Ishhh kejamnya akak dia wat fake letter.. huhu =(

  2. tau x perr sedihh :(
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